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Accumulate Gold and Silver Monthly

• Create a larger bullion portfolio over time
• Take advantage of dollar cost averaging
• Receive volume discounts based on previous purchases

Buying precious metals on a regular basis offers many advantages for people especially those on a tighter budget, the most important being accumulation.

By acquiring small quantities of precious metals on a regular basis, investors can build a large portfolio over time. For example, by buying a 10oz bar of silver every month an investor could accumulate 120oz over the course of a year. Over a five year period the same investor could build up a portfolio of over 600oz.

Another advantage to regular purchases is dollar cost averaging. While precious metals look to be in a long-term uptrend, timing the precious metals market can be difficult. When you purchase on a regular basis you can ‘Dollar Cost Average’. This is a technique of buying a fixed dollar amount of bullion at regular intervals. More bullion like silver bars are purchased when the price is low and fewer ounces are purchased when the price is higher. Over time the average cost per ounce will become smaller.

As a member reaches their goals, Guildhall offers rewards such as volume discounts based on the purchase history. As the member reaches the volume discount levels they are eligible for additional discounts.

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