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A hand-crafted jewellery piece expresses individuality and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Here’s how it works:

1. Collaborate with our in-house jeweller to design a truly unique and personalized setting.
2. A Computer Assisted Design (CAD) will be generated for you to review the final concept and make any necessary adjustments.
3.Once approved our jeweller will create your piece of the absolute highest quality and craftmanship.

About Our Designers

Guildhall’s talented designers work exlusively with natural fancy color diamonds and understand the best settings to show off these exquisite diamonds. Our jewellers will work with you to create a statement piece that not only showcases your color diamond in a way that makes you feel truly special, but adds value to your overall investment.

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About Gold

Many of the world’s most wealthy individuals have been turning to gold as a means of protecting wealth.

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About Silver

Silver has been called the people’s gold as it is a precious metal yet less expensive to acquire.

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About Platinum

This category of bullion is considered a specialty product.

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How Does It Work?

At Guildhall Wealth Management, we help you achieve direct ownership of precious metals,

such as gold, and silver bullion, through registered savings and retirement accounts.