Frequently Asked Questions

What is spot price? The spot-price is the price for which someone can buy certificates or futures on the commodity exchange. So the spot price is not the price for physical gold or silver. It is however mathematically impossible, based on the paper market volume traded, for these so called paper metal products to be fully backed by physical precious metals.

What is fabricated product?  Globally accepted refiners produce a variety of precious metals products from its raw form. Once the precious metal has been refined to 99.9%+ purity it is then cast into a wide variety of bar and coin sizes. The larger the size of the bar the lower the cost to fabricate; this results in a lower premium. Smaller products are generally more costly to produce and hence have a larger overall premium. Coins are also produced in small increments and have added artistry and anti-counterfeiting measures; as a result coin products tend to have the largest premiums.

Why are Precious Metals priced in US Dollars? As the world’s reserve currency, all commodities are globally valued in US dollars. Canadian pricing conversions are available on this site based on current posted exchange rates.

Does Guildhall Offer Discounts? Guildhall Wealth maintains competitive pricing within the bullion industry. Pricing on all bullion products listed on the Guildhall Precious Metals site are displayed with graduated pricing based on purchase quantities. Customers wishing to purchase more than the displayed amounts are encouraged to contact us directly for pricing quotes and additional volume discounts should they apply.