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For 6,000 years silver has held a special role as a store of value for investors and collectors in many cultures and walks of life. Silver also has many industrial uses and is often regarded by investors as a monetary metal. Silver has been called the people’s gold as it is a precious metal yet less expensive to acquire. While silver is a monetary metal like gold it used in countless industries including solar, medical, electrical, digital, and jewelry. Silver is considered an insurance policy again inflation, currency devaluations, stock market risks, as well as geo-political unrest.

Many analysts suggest that the silver to gold ratio is historically large and that a reversion to the historic norm of 16/1 suggests that silver is immensely undervalued. Other factors such as weakening mine supply and growing industry and investment demand also suggest that silver’s current price levels is very much undervalued. Since silver is a store of value that can be held outside the banking system investors are increasingly turning to silver as a means of wealth protection.

Guildhall offers a wide variety of silver bullion to choose from whether in bars, coins or collectables.
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This category of bullion is considered a specialty product.

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Many of the world’s most wealthy individuals have been turning to gold as a means of protecting wealth.

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At Guildhall Wealth Management, we help you achieve direct ownership of precious metals,

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