Shipping Policies and Procedures

Shipping Options
All products purchased through the Guildhall Precious Metals Online are available for direct delivery and/or local pickup by appointment only. Guildhall makes complete physical delivery of its precious metal products to its customers. Once payment has cleared (please see payment methods) your order will be packed and shipped within 5 days.

    • Guildhall tries to maintain inventories in order to complete deliveries immediately. As the industry can experience shortages or delivery delays GWM reserves the right to deliver within industry accepted time periods (within 28 days). Should GWM not be able to fulfill delivery within the 28 day time frame GWM will inform the customer in a timely manner and provide the following options:
        1. The customer may agree to select equally valued product as replacement so that the order is deliverable within the allotted time frame.
        2. The customer may choose to receive a partial order with the remaining order amount fully refunded.
        3. Customers can cancel in the event that GWM cannot deliver within the allotted time and only in this situation when GWM has informed the customer of this can the customer elect to have the order cancelled. Once cancelled the customer will be immediately refunded.
    • GWM insures all shipped orders and uses internationally recognized delivery services such as Canada Post, Xpresspost, UPS, and Fedex. Other internationally recognized delivery services may be utilized to ensure customer’s physical order is delivered in a timely manner.
    • Customers are provided tracking numbers for shipped product.
    • GWM charges a shipping fee of $25.00 (tax included) on all orders below $1000 CAD
    • Orders over $1000 CAD are shipped free of charge.


Bullion Pick-Up
Guildhall offers customer pick up by appointment only. Once payment has been received and cleared by (please see payment methods) Guildhall will arrange a pick up time for you. Customers picking up product must provide valid government issued photo ID.

Shipment to Existing Custodial Accounts

Clients can choose to have their orders delivered to their Guildhall Depository Account. Once payment has cleared, the product is then delivered to the client’s account in accordance with Guildhall’s payment policies.

The customer will receive an itemized inventory report when the product has been delivered to their account and at this time they may schedule an appointment to personally audit the contents of their account. All products held in a custodial account are allocated, segregated, insured, and available for immediate delivery. For further policy and disclaimers regarding the depository visit the Guildhall Wealth Site Policy and Disclaimer page